Menus, buffets, finger food

Food and Beverage

You have the choice: menu or buffet with a wide range of starters, main courses and desserts, fingerfood buffet or snacks. We would be happy to assist you with the best suitable selection according to your event and the number of persons.

The following are various examples for the different food concepts. Of course, we can modify these ideas or compile an individual menu or buffet.


Choose your own menu from our range of freely combinable elements. The price of the menu is comprised of the price of the selected individual components. Alternatively, you can think of soups as a starter and sorbets as a dessert. We can provide vegetarian dishes as well.


  • Tartar of smoked salmon with small potato patties and dill cream: € 8.00
  • Marinated filet lace of “Holstein” beef on crispy green salad, croutons and sesame dressing: € 9.50
  • Mixed leaf salad in balsamic dressing with marinated tofu and apple-blueberry chutney: € 8.50

Fish dishes

  • Codfish filet wrapped in Holstein smoked ham with root vegetables, yoghurt mustard sauce and bread dumplings: € 21.00
  • On the skin fried gilthead filet on leaf spinach, orange pepper sauce and herb potatoes: € 21.50
  • Filet of the Kiel Fjord salmon trout on sautéed snow peas, lemon thyme sauce and roasted potatoes: € 22.50

Meat dishes

  • Tender chicken breast with Calvados sauce, broccoli, apple slices and fragrant rice: € 21.00
  • Braised haunch of “Holstein” salt marsh lamb with glazed root vegetables and rosemary potatoes: € 23.50
  • Veal back steak with creamy oyster mushrooms, sautéed cherry tomatoes and duchess potatoes: € 27.00


  • Iced cappuccino with brownie slice and fruit sauce: € 8.50
  • Refreshing yoghurt mousse with orange sauce and mint crumble: € 8.00
  • Honey yoghurt ice-cream under meringue: € 8.50

Menu components

Finger food

Our small treats are perfect for a reception or as a small snack in between. We offer our finger food ideas from 20 pieces per selection.

Mixed baguett canapés

  • Smoked salmon and creamy horseradish: € 3.00
  • Roast beef and remoulade: € 3.00
  • "Holstein" smoked ham: € 3.00
  • "Bernstein" cheese: € 3.00

Hot treats

  • 3 small spring rolls with soy sauce: € 2.50
  • 3 small rissoles with mustard: € 2.50
  • 2 marinated chicken skewers with chilli sauce: € 3.00

Sweet delights

  • Red wild berry compote with vanilla sauce: € 2.00
  • Poppy seed mousse in small glasses: € 2.50
  • Chocolate brownie with vanilla foam: € 2.50

More finger food ideas


For a quick, yet substantial and delicious meal that still has plenty on offer we recommend our following snacks. You can select both the amount as well as the individual components for starters, hot snacks, main courses and desserts.

We offer our snack buffet for groups starting from 20 people.


Small snack buffet: € 20.00
Medium snack buffet: € 26.00
Large snack buffet: € 32.00

Complete choice of snacks


Follow our chef's recommendations or select a buffet that meets your needs!

Steaks and more

Mixed leaf salad with crispy and crunchy toppings
Coleslaw, potato and pasta salads
Oven-fresh baguette with herb butter
* * *

Marinated sirloin steak in barbecue sauce
Savoury lumberjack steaks
Turkey médaillons with steak pepper
Salmon steak with lemon sauce
Oven-roasted potatoes with sour cream
Mediterranean vegetable pan
Various dips and sauces
* * *

Large fruit salad of fresh fruits
Cherry and crumble cake
Whipped cream

€ 38.00 per person

Further buffet samples


We will be happy to advise you on which beverages and wines go well with your menu or buffet. Choose from a number of drinks or explore our world of wine.

Selection of beverages