Relaxation area of the wellness area of the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel

Fitness & Wellness

After an eventful day, come and relax in the fitness and sauna area on the 7th floor of ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel!

Stay fit with a balanced selection of modern fitness devices. Relax in the Finnish sauna and cool down on the terrace. The atmospheric relaxation area is ideally suited for simply leaning back and resting. There are fresh towels, a water dispenser and a selection of magazines. 

Opening hours fitness area:
Daily from 07:00 am to 10:00 pm

Opening hours sauna area:
Daily from 07:00 am to 11:00 am and 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Our Tip: 
Escape the humdrum of everyday life and reserve an appointment for a revitalising massage at the following telephone number: +49 (0) 431 37499-0

Our wellness folder (PDF)

Equipment in the fitness studio at the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel

Fitness Devices

Stay fit with a selection of fitness devices such as a treadmill, elliptical trainer, rowing machine and fitness bike. While training, you can enjoy the panoramic view across Kiel from the 7th floor of the hotel or watch a selection of TV programmes.

When wishing to train your endurance or general fitness, the treadmill is your first choice.

For a holistic training of all major muscle groups or also after a longer sport break, the elliptical trainer is ideal for joint-gentle and effective training.

The rowing machine is also a good training device for all major muscle groups and recommendable for an effective cardio training.

With the fitness bike, you can do target-oriented cardio or endurance training with pulse monitoring, and this regardless of the weather. You metabolism is trained; leg muscles are strengthened, and your general state of fitness is improved.

Outdoor terrace of the spa and fitness area in the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel

Relaxation Area & Terrace

You can rest in the relaxation area after your training, or after a visit to the sauna and an invigorating massage, or simply like that.

Cosy warmth, subdued room colours and indirect lighting, as well as parquet flooring and elegant decoration create a pleasant atmosphere.

In the changing rooms there are fresh towels for changing, a water dispenser as well as a selection of magazines at your disposal.

Between your sauna sessions, you can cool down on the fresh air wooden terrace with a view across Kiel. Here you can also take a seat on comfortable loungers.

Our Tip:
Increase your well-being with a relaxing massage. A selection of offers can be found at the menu item “Massage”.

Man during a massage in the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel


“The art of relaxing is a part of the art of working.” - John Steinbeck

We offer you the following massage offers:

Carlson Classic - the classic partial body massage
30 min. € 42.00

Carlson Special - a good deed for the head, neck and shoulder area.
45 min. € 57.00

Carlson Exclusive - whole body massage with music and massage oils that are individually aligned to your well-being.
60 min. € 69.50

Carlson Workaholic – especially after a strenuous day, this head massage is highly recommended.
70 min. € 92.50

Good on Foot – foot reflexology massage
30 min. € 42.00

Escape the humdrum of everyday life and speak to our employees at the reception desk or reserve at the following telephone number +49 (0) 431 37499-0

Your booked massage can be canceled free of charge until 06.00 p.m. the day before. After that, we charge 80% cancellation fee. Thank you for your understanding.

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Woman is relaxing in the Sauna of the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel

Finnish Sauna

Relax in the sauna and benefit from the health-promoting effect!

The Finnish sauna is heated by a stone oven, which radiates a pleasant heat. The warmth is reflected from the wooden walls and wooden ceiling. The sauna room is equipped with three wooden benches and offers a view across the terrace and Hörn.

Showers and a foot bath are in direct proximity.

Fresh towels for changing and a water dispenser can be found in the relaxation area. Between your sauna sessions, you can cool down on the wooden terrace and unwind in the relaxation room.

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