Directly at the Kiel Fjord - exterior view of the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel at daytime

Fan shop

After your stay in the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel you should take a little souvenir with you or buy a gift for your family and friends! At our reception we can offer you the following products.

Cookbook "Chefsache"

The cookbook of the ATLANTIC Hotels and the Severin*s surprises with many German ambitious creations. For the cookbook "Chefsache" the chefs show you many of their secrets.

15,00 €

Cookbook "Chefsache" (Matter for the Chef)

Vinegar & Oil

The high-quality vinegar & oil can be enjoyed at home with fresh salads.

32,50 €

Vinegar and oil cruet

Cap DECK 8 the bar

When the summer starts in Kiel and the sun comes out, our DECK 8 cap should not be missing as a suitable sunscreen.

17,00 €

Baseballcap DECK 8

ATLANTIC Hotels Blanket

You will need this cuddly blanket especially in the winter time.

9,50 €


Finger puppet crocodile

Fun for all ages. If there is still some space in your suitcase and you need something to entertain you every time you should buy the finger puppet.

9,50 €

Glove puppet

Crocodile QROGL

QROGL is a nice souvenir for the little ones or for yourself to cuddle. The plush QROGL is always a faithful companion.

8,00 €

Cuddly toy "QROGL" the crocodile

ATLANTIC Hotels Bathrobe

Take the pleasant feeling of your stay home with our ATLANTIC hotel bathrobe.

45,00 €

Fluffy bathrobe

ATLANTIC Hotels Umbrella

In Kiel, the weather likes to change a lot. True to the slogan "There is no rainy weather, but only the wrong clothes," our umbrella stands by as a faithful companion to the side.

9,50 €


Frog Oswald at the hotel

The children's book "Frog Oswald in the hotel" reports about Oswald’s experiences in a hotel. With great pictures and a sweet story to fall asleep for the little childrens, this book is made for good dreams.

3,50 €

Children's book "Frog Oswald in the hotel"

Titelbild © Alexas_Fotos – Pixabay