Equipment for Meetings and Events

Event Technology

Conference technology is essential for ensuring the success of your even: whether this is making sure that flipchart pens work properly in a workshop or the correct setting of all projectors and microphones for a presentation. We use the latest technology and provide expert support and instruction in the devices.

Overview technology

Internet, telephone and fax
Business corner in the hotel lobby
High-speed internet for speakers and contact partners
High-speed internet for hotel guests
WLAN / LAN 16,000 kbit/s group ticket
€ 35.00 per item/day
Exclusive VDSL connection 25,000 kbit/s
€ 200.00 per item/day
Setting up the telephone/fax connection
€ 35.00 € per item/day
Use of the telephone/fax connection
€ 0.30 per unit
Presentations and lectures
P.A. equipment including a wireless microphone (hand-held/clip)
€ 120.00 per day
Every additional wireless microphone (hand-held/clip)
€ 75.00 per item/day
Lectern with gooseneck microfone
€ 150.00 € per item/day
Projector 2,500 – 6,500 ANSI lumens
€ 99.00 per item/day
Projector screen
Preview monitor (24")
€ 45.00 per item/day
Laser pointer / wireless presenter
€ 15.00 per item/day
€ 200.00 € per item/day
Seminars and workshops
Flipchart including paper and pens
€ 15.00 per item/day
Pin board with paper covering, one-sided
€ 10.00 per item/day
TV/DVD combination
€ 60.00 per item/day
Facilitator's case
€ 30.00 per item/day
Reproduction and printed materials
Photocopies / printouts
€ 0.25 per copy
black & white, up to 100 copies
€ 0.15 per copy
black & white, over 100 copies
€ 0.25 per copy
colour, up to 100 copies
€ 0.60 per copy
colour, over 100 copies
€ 0.40 per copy
Transparencies for the above copies
€ 0.75 per copy
Setting up the standard technology and instruction
Additional technical support
€ 55.00 per hour

Please note that we only have a limited number of the technology items listed available in the hotel.

We would be pleased to provide additional conference and communication technology from a partner company and recommend reserving this well in advance.