Team spirit, diversity and joy of success!

ATLANTIC as a strong partner!

As the ATLANTIC and Severin*s Hotel Group, we are active as a sponsor for a wide range of sports groups at several destinations. We support our partners with money, goods or services and really live the motto “Sport unites” in our everyday hotel work: team spirit, diversity and the joy of success accompany us in all our actions and show that sport truly enjoys high priority at the ATLANTIC Hotels.

Since 2015, occupational health management has been anchored in our company philosophy, and this is realized, for example, through our cooperation with “Hansefit”, the market leader for company fitness, and by organizing in-house health days. In addition, there is an ATLANTIC Hotels football team that regularly participates in corporate tournaments. Company runs, such as the B2Run in Bremen, also take place with the enthusiastic participation of members of our hotel group. Many other sports activities are planned.

The women's team of the BHC

BHC Bremen

Founded in 1913, the Bremen Hockey Club can look back on a long tradition of sporting success and offers its almost 1,200 members a wide range of tennis, hockey and health sports for young and old. Qualified trainers convey fun in movement, improving overall fitness, body awareness and endurance. The club-owned facility in Bremen-Oberneuland has always been not just a place of sporting encounters and successes – it also offers an attractive setting for recreation and socializing due to its spaciousness. The ATLANTIC Hotel Group is committed to the BHC as an official hotel partner, and guest teams feel entirely at home in the ATLANTIC Hotel Galopprennbahn, for example. In addition, the hotel group is also present at events and anniversaries through perimeter advertising and donations in kind, and supports the long-established Bremen club through advertisements.

photo: © BHC

Eisbären Bremerhaven Logo

A cooperation as strong as a bear!

The ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City has been the official hotel partner of the basketball national league club Eisbären Bremerhaven for more than five years now. This successful cooperation was extended by another year at the start of the 2018 basketball season. The ATLANTIC Hotel Group presents itself as a team partner on LED bands, among other things. As a special highlight, the popular clap banners in the ATLANTIC Hotel design create a great atmosphere on the stands. Both hotel director Tim Oberdiek, and the Eisbären marketing director, Philipp-André Beier, emphasize the pleasant character of the cooperation, where the focus is on long-term partnerships rather than short-term success.

Guest teams are happy to spend the night in the ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City and the stay of the Eisbären in the ATLANTIC Hotel Universum in Bremen rounds off the cooperation as part of the games in the ÖVB Arena. In addition, accommodation vouchers are raffled off on special occasions.

photo: © Logo Eisbären Bremerhaven

Man on expedition ship | Film project Antarktis

Project: Antarctica

As an official sponsoring partner, the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City is delighted with the impressive documentary “Project: Antarctica”, which actually made it to the cinema.
The movie was released on 25 October 2018.

“We simply have to do this together someday!” Ambitious goals like these are easy to say and usually mean nothing. That’s also the way it started with Tim (24), Michael (29) and Dennis (25). Except it wasn’t just youthful bravado. And two years after the first idea of “filming in ice”, the project took its course with a rough plan on paper.

The destination of the trip soon became clear – Antarctica. If it was to be ice, then it also had to be the largest, oldest and most difficult-to-reach expanse of ice. The intrepid young men didn't want to settle for anything less. After about a year of preparation, they finally left with ten crates full of equipment on the 14,000 km trip to Antarctica. On the journey of a lifetime.

Experience in the film “Project: Antarctica” how and why the three young film-makers from Bremerhaven – without a production company behind them, without even a client – simply set out to Antarctica to shoot a film which is now actually running in the cinemas and gaining an audience. You will find the trailer and further details here.

Image & text contributions: © Project: Antarctica GbR

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