Our sustainability strategy

Green to go

Sustainability has many facets. We are constantly on the lookout for creative answers to solve the varied challenges of the present and the future. A holistic approach is pursued, which includes ecological and social as well as regional interests.

Our topics at a glance

We would like to take you with us on our green journey and inform you about our key sustainability topics:

United Against Waste – ATLANTIC Hotels

Green tastes good!

You can taste quality. This is why our kitchen crews only use high-quality, predominantly regional and packaging-free products. For example, bread & rolls, vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and much more are purchased directly from local suppliers. In cooperation with the UNITED AGAINST WASTE network, we find ways to pinpoint food inefficiency in the various hotels and to avoid waste.

photo: © Sonyakamoz – Fotolia

Bee sitting in a flower

Bees have checked in with us!

To counter the worrying decline in bee colonies, more and more of our hotels are now home to their own colonies. This is due not only to many private beekeepers, but also to the BEE-RENT initiative, which has a professional team of beekeepers to help set up the hives and harvest the honey. Of course, you can enjoy the honey for breakfast in our participating hotels!

photo: © Myriams Fotos – Pixabay

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green leaves in the sun

Green Service – conserving resources with ATLANTIC Hotels – Our thanks for you!

The Green Service also protects the environment and resources, because guests who do not use the room cleaning service on a daily basis not only save energy but also money. With our Green Service initiative, you will receive a € 5.00 voucher as a thank-you gift. This voucher can be redeemed once for a breakfast booked additionally in our restaurant or for drinks in our bar.

photo: © Lakov Kalinin

Electric filling stations

Electric vehicle charging stations

Since the end of 2018, we have installed EV charging stations at various hotel locations for you and are thus taking another step towards an emission-free future. By the end of 2020, all hotels are to be equipped with charging stations. The hotel's own vehicles are also gradually being converted to electric mobility.

photo: © Oliver Pracht

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Good for the environment – convenient for you!

We offer your event participants attractive terms for an environmentally friendly journey by train. What is more, you save time, reduce stress, and arrive relaxed at your desired destination. We wish you a pleasant journey and look forward to your visit!

photo: © Jo Kirchner

Sustainability facts at a glance

We pay close attention to the use of regional products in our kitchens. In recent years, we have built up a strong network of suppliers and rely on producers from our region. In addition, we mainly use packaging-free food for breakfast. We are constantly testing sustainable systems, such as butter or jam portioners, and using them in our hotels.

United Against Waste is an initiative that takes concrete action against the waste of food. By now, all ATLANTIC Hotels have become members of the United Against Waste association and make every effort to reduce food waste by simple means and through the support of the association – with success!

We are committed to the aim of ensuring that bee colonies survive and thrive. That is why we have set up beehives at various hotels with partners such as Bee-Rent and local beekeepers. The ATLANTIC honey is of course also actively used by our kitchen teams and refines some of our dishes.

Since 2017, ATLANTIC Hotels have been offering an Online Media Box with newspapers and magazines for all guests. Directly at check-in, our guests are given access and can conveniently choose between 500 international newspapers and magazines via their own tablet computer or smartphone.

Future-oriented development since the end of 2018: The ATLANTIC Hotels have installed the first charging stations for electric vehiclesat various hotels. By the end of 2020, all hotels are to be equipped with charging stations. Recharge your car easily overnight at our stations.

Since autumn 2019 we have been offering SWAPFIETS bikes for your stay at the ATLANTIC Hotel Airport and the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen. More SWAPFIETS bikes for rental at other ATLANTIC Hotels in Bremen will follow shortly. The rental bikes are available for a small fee of 3.00 € per hour or 12.00 € per day.

In order to relieve the burden on our environment in the long term, all individuals must change their habits, including those in everyday working life. This is why we predominantly use CO2-neutral paper for our printing materials. In addition, we do without unnecessary printouts and work almost exclusively digitally in all departments.

As an ongoing process, we are reviewing our ATLANTIC Hotels amenities in the rooms and restaurant for sustainability and looking for new environmentally friendly alternatives. In many hotels, you will now only find large shampoo bottles, lunch bags made of fabric, straws made of pasta and much more.

In the hotel industry, we rely on the cultural variety of our employees and support you in gaining new experiences. Since 2017 we have been part of the “Charta der Vielfalt”, because diversity is not only reflected in the personal identities of the ATLANTIC Hotels colleagues, but also in our daily conduct with our guests, suppliers and investors.

As an employer, we look after the health of our employees. Since 2015, occupational health management has been anchored in our company philosophy, and this is realized through our cooperation with “Hansefit”, the market leader for company fitness, and by organizing in-house health days. In addition, there is an ATLANTIC Hotels football team and also various running groups.

Family and everyday working life can also be well combined through individualized concepts. Whether flexible working hours or a home office – we are happy to develop effective individual solutions for our employees. Because the satisfaction and motivation are reflected every day in the work quality of our employees. Take a look at our ATLANTIC Hotels success stories.

Social responsibility

ATLANTIC Hotels also attaches great importance to social commitment. With our sport sponsoring we support, for example, the youth of the Eisbären Bremerhaven, the Bremen Hockey Club and the SC Borgfeld football club.

We are also happy to be active in regional projects such as the Bürgerpark Tombola, which supports the preservation of the “citizens’ park” and other green areas in the city.
In this way, even small improvements in everyday life bring us a little closer to the objectives of sustainability!

photo: © ESNArne Mill

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