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News  /  16. July 2019

Wilhelmshaven Handball Club (WHV)

Since the end of season 2017/2018, the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven has been the official sponsor of the Wilhelmshaven Handball Club.

As a sponsoring partner, the hotel is also present on the LED hoardings and provides both home and away teams with discounted accommodation and conference facilities. Home games of the Wilhelmshaven Handball Club have already become a tradition of the city. Almost every weekend, the Nordfrost Arena fills up with handball fans who have come to support their team in large numbers. “The cooperation with the Wilhelmshaven Handball Club is a matter close to our hearts. Handball is of high importance in Wilhelmshaven and stands for emotions, willpower and passion. We are pleased to accompany the club on its way back to the 2nd division of the Handball Bundesliga”, explains Florian Schönwetter, General Manager of the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven.

The club, whose team currently plays in the 3rd Bundesliga division, was formed in 1995 from the handball department of Wilhelmshaven Police Sports Club. In 2002, the WHV was promoted to the Handball Bundesliga after winning the relegation against SG Solingen. Six years in the 1st division were followed by the relegation to the 2nd division of the North section. This was then followed by another relegation in the 2011/2012 season to the 3rd division West. With Christian Köhrmann as coach, the Wilhelmshaven Handball Club succeeded unbeaten in the 2014/15 season with promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga division, which was unfortunately followed in the current season 2018/2019 by relegation back into the 3rd division. “As a former handball player, I am passionate about the club; the WHV is an important and first-class ambassador for the entire destination,” says Dennis Micknass, Regional Sales & Marketing Manager for the Weser-Ems area.

The Wilhelmshaven handball team is strong in will, as can be seen from the history of the club. No wonder that the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven is actively involved in helping the club with its ambitious promotion plans.

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