Schlemmen & Feiern in alpiner Atmosphäre - Almhütte Bremen
The call of the mountains in the heart of Bremen

Bremen’s chalet

Feast & celebrate in an alpine atmosphere!

The traditional Almhütte belongs to the alpine experience like strudel, Schmarrn and skiing. Its cozy-hearted country style embraces guests at first sight. Every year in autumn also in Bremen – in the courtyard garden of the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen.

From November to January, the ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen opens the Almhütten season in the Hanseatic city. In the hotel's own courtyard, the Almhütte is a cozy, uncomplicated and alpine farmhouse, which is set up every year especially for Bremen’s tourists. In downtown Bremen, it offers fresh, genuine cuisine in a very authentic setting. In addition to the popular classics such as the Brotzeiten, all kinds of warm specialties as well as delicious dessert variations are offered.

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Torben Schröder will be delighted to help and advise you for your event at Bremen´s Alpine hut.

Torben Schröder

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