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Terms of use image archive

Dear guests, journalists and bloggers,

Our online image database offers your comprehensive photo material of our hotels. You have the possibility of storing the photos as a single copy or also as a package download. All photos in our image database are at your disposal free of charge. When downloading the photos, you agree to comply with our terms of use:

  • Our photos may be used in connection with the editorial reporting in favour of our hotel.
  • You are welcome to use our photos for promotional support of conferences, congresses, trade fairs and exhibitions - to the extent that these take place on the premises of one of our hotels.
  • What is more, our image archive is at your disposal for private use, e.g. for the creation of invitation cards, if these is a direct reference between the event and the hotel.
  • We grant you a restricted right to edit. Changes to the image size (enlargements, reductions) are permitted, as is conversion of the colour information, changes to the colour, contrast and brightness values. Processing going beyond this is not permitted.
  • It is not permitted to pass on our photos to third parties.
  • As a general principle, the use of our photo materials on booking portals, corporate databases or similar portals is not permitted, unless the use is expressly desired by us and this is stated in writing.
  • For every use, please state “ATLANTIC Hotels” as image source / copyright and send us a specimen copy. To the extent that it is used on the internet, we kindly ask you to send us the corresponding link.

Do you need more information? Please feel free to address us!