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Accompanying Programmes

Tell us about your ideas and requirements and we will take care of the rest. We will be delighted to give you detailed offers for your accompanying programmes and incentives.

For an interesting and unusual accompanying programme, we recommend our partner
Buhl-Events. You can zoom over the North Sea beach with blokarts, build a sturdy raft or extend your CV with an East Frisian school certificate. Building team roadsters is also an exciting venture. Once they are finished, a race is held to find the fastest roadster.

Accompanying programmes

Havenspuren in Wilhelmshaven | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

HAVENSPUREN – the virtual city tour

Embark on a virtual journey through Wilhelmshaven's history! 

Wilhelmshaven Touristik offers a brand new city tour that gives insights into Wilhelmshaven's history and makes you think you are there yourself. Here, the city tour is supplemented by digital experiences, using virtual reality glasses – VR glasses for short. With the historical virtual city tour, Wilhelmshaven is one of the first German cities to offer city tours in virtual reality and thus brings a real tourism innovation to the market. With the help of VR glasses, it is possible to immerse oneself in a virtual world on the spot, to move around, look around and interact.

Photo: © Wilhelmshaven Touristik & Freizeit GmbH

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Blockarts – Sailing on dry land in Wilhelmshaven | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Blokarts – sailing on dry land

Blokarting is the ultimate emission-free challenge as a team-building measure or team event for all participants. Here you can find out who is able to act tactically within a team, observe the competitors and adapt their own strategy constantly to the changing conditions, in order to triumph in the end.

All you need is a level surface (parking lot, airfield or beach) with an area of about 100 x 50 m, a light breeze (about 2 Bft) and just a 5-minute introduction for “non-sailors”. The amazing design of the blokarts, the formulation of the challenge and the equipping of the teams with blokarts, helmets and gloves allow the participants to implement their racing tactics on dry land, powered as fast as 60 km/h solely by the wind. With up to 30 blokarts, experienced instructors (including the third-best blokart pilot at the world championship 2010), we have thrilled groups of up to 150 simultaneous participants.

photo: © Buhl Events

Team building activities for meetings and events | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Ship ahoy! Your team on course for success

Noah built the Ark – and what will your guests construct? Find out with an incentive that transforms your guests into seafarers. With the expert advice of a real sea dog, all participants are first taught the basic expressions. After all attendees have lost their landlubber status, it’s off to the shipyard to get cracking. Teamwork is needed to turn a motley collection of wooden beams, ropes and sailcloth into a seaworthy water craft. From the bow to the stern, from keel to the top of the mast, your team will construct the pride of any fleet directly in the harbour. When it is time to cast off, you will find out whether your boat will win the Blue Riband or fail to rise off the bottom of the harbour basin.

And, at the end of day, when the ship’s cook rings the bell for the captain’s dinner, your guests will band together like real seafarers, tell the tallest stories and sing the song of the sailor coming home from the sea.

For 10 persons or more

photo: © Tom Hanisch – Fotolia

Cranes at the harbour near the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

JadeWeserPort – a boundless experience

Ports, ships and the ocean are always worth a trip. And the journey to the JadeWeserPort InfoCenter is worthwhile on two counts: With a fascinating exhibition and exciting tours through Germany’s newest deep-water container port, the InfoCenter offers its visitors an attraction that is unique throughout the country.

Experience at first hand how Germany’s only deep-water port for containers, the JadeWeserPort, is being developed and operated. You are taken through the harbour area in a comfortable touring coach. The harbour bus tour takes about an hour and is accompanied and presented by InfoCenter staff. After the tour, you can visit the thematic exhibition for further information and fun facts.

photo: © wtf

German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

German Naval Museum

With the motto “People – Times – Ships”, the German Naval Museum gives you an insight into the chequered history of the German navies from 1848 up until today. The museum grounds are dominated by the guided missile destroyer “Mölders”, Germany’s largest museum ship.

On your circuit over and through the decks, past various weapon systems, workstations and living quarters, you can experience up close the atmosphere in which 334 crew members once lived and worked. Video installations show you life on board and the operational spectrum of the ship over its 34 years of service. The complex steam turbine, developing almost 70,000 HP, is explained lucidly. The controversial naming of the vessel is used as an example to describe the development of tradition within the Federal Armed Forces.

An inspection of the minehunter “Weilheim” and the submarine U10 rounds off this intriguing look at the living and working conditions in the German Navy. The original exhibits on the 3000 sqm of outdoor area offer you a vivid impression of the development of maritime technology from World War I to the present.

photo: © Deutsches Marinemuseum



Visitors' center of the UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden Sea

UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden Sea – experience one of the last unchanged natural landscapes in Central Europe. The Wadden Sea is a breadbasket, spawning ground, nursery and home for millions of animals. Where better can you begin a voyage of discovery to one of the world’s largest wetlands than in the visitors’ centre of the UNESCO world natural heritage in Wilhelmshaven?

In a wonderful deep-sea atmosphere, the visitor is lured into an almost unknown world. Starting with the indigenous harbour porpoise, which ventures right into Jade Bay, the journey continues through to the giants of the world’s oceans. The fascinating world of whales begins with the sperm whale that stranded on the island of Baltrum. It is a unique exhibit worldwide: internal organs of the whale, such as the heart and lungs, were plastinated by Gunther von Hagens and now hang inside the 14 m skeleton.

Important information: The visitors' centre is open again from 01 May.

photo: © Stephan Giesers

Accompanying programme for events - guided tour at Jever Pilsener brewery | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Brewery tour at Jever Pilsener

Welcome to the heartland of Jever Pilsener! All fans of the “dry” Frisian character are cordially invited to visit us in Jever. During a tour of the brewery, we will show you how we create our distinctive Jever beer.

Expert brewery guides will steer you around in groups, first through the historic brewery museum, then whisking you off to the modern brewing complex - from the brewhouse right through to bottling. The fact that up to 60,000 bottles are filled per hour always impresses our visitors. To end off this look behind the scenes, you are invited to taste the final product.

Photo: © SvenKirsch – Pixabay

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