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UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea

The ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven is located directly at the Great Harbour and in the immediate vicinity of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea. In just a few steps you can reach the dike including the Jade Bay.

Since 1986, the Wadden Sea off the Lower Saxony North Sea coast has been protected as a national park. With a size of about 345,000 hectares, the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea is the second largest German national park.

This unique habitat can be experienced in many ways. The intact nature, the recreation in healthy air and the beautiful landscape invite to numerous activities: Hiking, Wadden Sea walk, cycling, horseback riding or water sports in the national park are particularly popular with guests as well as locals.
Especially a Wadden Sea walk is a "must" for everyone who wants to get to know and experience this unique habitat intensively.

More information about the Wadden Sea National Park can be found here:
Wadden Sea | (waddensea-worldheritage.org)

Photo: © Helmut Vogler - AdobeStock

Migratory birds | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven


Events at the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea offers exciting events and nature experiences throughout the year. For this purpose, the National Park Houses, the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea Visitor Centers and the National Park Partners put together an attractive and diverse program of events every year to introduce guests and locals to the small and large natural wonders of the Wadden Sea - understandable, entertaining, playful, creative.

We wish you a lot of fun and sustainable Wadden Sea experiences!

The entire calendar of events can be found here:

Photo: © Dr. Georg Wietschorke - Pixabay


Offers of the Wadden Sea Walk Center Ostriesland

With the stiff breeze from the front, the Silt under your feet or the salt on your lips: The mudflats are always balm for the soul!

On the Wadden Sea wolk you walk directly over the seabed, look forward to a nature experience of a special kind:

For more information about the tours, please call our reception.

Photo: © Wattwanderzentrum Ostfriesland

Wadden Sea walks from Schillig and Dangast l ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Watt'n Menu l Restaurant Harbour View


Culinary voyage of discovery

Go on a culinary journey of discovery through the biosphere region of Lower Saxony’s Wadden Sea. In this special menu, our chefs have taken the approach of cooking the duck whole and using mainly regional and seasonal products.                                                                                                               

Photo: © Tobias Trapp

Wadden Sea Exhibition

UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Center Wilhelmshaven

Notice: The Wadden Sea Visitor Center is open again from 01 May. 

During this period, the permanent exhibition will be renewed in an innovative and contemporary way. The underlying design approach is based on a scientific foundation. In addition to classic picture and text panels, films, interactive media, participatory exhibits and games will be used to appeal to all the senses.

In the meantime, visit the Wadden Sea exhibition at our hotel. The Wadden Sea Visitor Center has provided us with some exhibits that can now be discovered in our lobby. Besides the Great Crested Grebe or the Avocet, you will find many other native bird species.


Photo: © UNESCO Weltnaturerbe Wattenmeer Besucherzentrum

Whale at the visitor's center | UNESCO Weltnaturerbe Wattenmeer
Seal | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Big Five

Experience the big animals in the Wadden Sea. Similar to the Kruger National Park in Africa, the Wadden Sea National Park has its own Big Five. They include seals, grey seals, harbor porpoises, white-tailed eagles and the European sturgeon

Photo Seal: © LKN.SH - Nationalparkverwaltung

Mud snail | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Small Five

When the seabed is visible at low tide, it is noticeable that there is a lot going on. Here you can find the Small Five of the Wadden Sea National Park. They include lugworm, cockle, wadden snail, shore crab and the North Sea shrimp.

Photo Wadden snail: © LKN.SH - Nationalparkverwaltung

Oystercatcher | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Flying Five

The Wadden Sea is known for its abundance of birds, as it provides enough food, nesting sites and is a great stopover for migratory birds. Here you can find the Flying Five. They include Herring Gull, Shelduck, Oystercatcher, Brent Goose and the Dunlin.

Photo Oystercatcher: © LKN.SH - Nationalparkverwaltung



In just a few steps from our hotel you can reach the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. At our reception you can borrow high-quality Swarovski binoculars to observe the local animal and bird species at close range. 

A distant view from the hotel room is also worthwhile.

Photo: © StockSnap - Pixabay

Man with binoculars | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven
Excursion with a rental bike | ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

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    A tour by bike is probably the most beautiful way to explore the North Sea coast on your own: Flat land, no mountains, along the dike, past lighthouses and sheep. With the wide sea always in view - cycling is fun here!
    For your exploration tour there are 8 rental bikes ready for you - and in case of headwind also 8 light-weight e-bikes.
    Rental fee per bike: € 10.00 per day
    Rental fee per e-bike: € 25.00 per day

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