Ships on the sea during the JadeWeserCup

Wilhelmshaven Ahoy!

Wilhelmshaven offers a varied and colourful choice of things to do – visit the museum ship or Coastal Museum and marvel at all the things you didn’t know about storm surges, insurgent sailors and stranded whales!

Would you like to go on a boat tour? Then you can explore the region: the seal banks, Arngast light house and the JadeWeserPort are all good destinations for a day out. A trip in the marine port is also an impressive option.

The Pumpwerk cultural centre, meanwhile, offers jazz and other types of musical performances whilst in the Stadttheater (city theatre) visitors can enjoy modern as well as classic plays.

Wilhelmshaven also offers many sporting events: the calendar starts in June with the Gorch-Fock Marathon and continues in August with the North Sea Man Triathlon and the JadeWeserPort CUP in October – one of the highlights of the year.

The Weekend by the Jade, on the first weekend of July, is the city’s maritime festival which attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding region to the Jadebusen.

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German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven

German Marine Museum


Under the motto "People-Epochs-Ships", the German Marine Museum offers a fascinating insight into modern and past marine life. On board the museum ships, visitors can find out about the strenuous but also adventurous everyday life at the sea in the German navy.

Photo: © Mölders

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Coastal Museum

In an unconventionally designed exhibition, visitors can explore the past, present and future of the coast and learn exciting stories about storm floods, dike workers, chieftains, pirates, ships, emperors and masks.

The fascinating tour begins with the origin of the coast around 12,000 years ago and goes up to Wilhelmshaven’s deep water port, the JadeWeserPort. Visitors learn about the detective work involved in archaeological research in the reconstruction of everyday life of the early coastal inhabitants. At the medieval Siebethsburg, the presentation invites visitors to dress up as pirates, load up a ship or trade their robbed goods at the marketplace. A journey through the city’s history then explores all the great moments as well as catastrophes of the marine city’s 150 year history.

A varied programme with guided tours, workshops, holiday programmes and walks completes the permanent and special exhibitions. 

UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre

Where does the sandworm live? What is a red knot and what does it eat? How strong is the wind? Anyone who wants to explore the worldwide unique natural habitat of the Wadden Sea tidal flats should start their journey in the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre in Wilhelmshaven. 

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Aquarium Wilhelmshaven

The Aquarium Wilhelmshaven invites visitors on a journey through pre-historic times and the wonderful world of the oceans.

In the new and exciting Prehistoric Museum, visitors can explore the fascinating origin of life by means of original fossils as witnesses of times past.

The tour continues in the AQUARIUM by the Wadden Sea and the North Sea with local animal species and takes visitors through tropical and sub-tropical oceans and habitats as well as impressive coral reefs with their colourful inhabitants.

TIP: The children’s playground BULLERMECK and panorama restaurant with direct sea view.

Open daily from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

There aren’t many galleries in Germany which were co-founded by an emperor and the marine! It was the local marine chief, Admiral Friedrich Graf von Baudissin, who had the idea for founding the establishment and association which built the gallery. With the support of Kaiser Wilhelm II, he opened the East Frisian peninsula’s oldest cultural institution in 1912/13. The current building is in the town centre’s cultural district, on the beautiful lime tree-lined boulevard, the Adalbertstraße.

The first address for contemporary art in the North (pictured) has been dedicated to newcomers, for example, Walter Leistikow or Otto Modersohn, already since its founding. Today, the programme includes regional and international works, is also dedicated to crossover in the arts and conducts, as a scientific research site, research on local cultural and art history related topics.

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
Adalbertstraße 28
Telefon +49 (0) 4421 41448

Ships on the sea during the JadeWeserCup

Maritime festivals

Whether the Weekend by the Jade or the JadeWeserPort CUP, Wilhelmshaven offers many exciting festivals with maritime feel!

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JadeWeserPort – deep-water container port

The JadeWeserPort deep-water container port in Wilhelmshaven is one of the biggest North German infrastructure projects of the last 50 years.

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Pumpwerk Cultural Centre

The Pumpwerk is one of the leading cultural centres in the German-speaking region. The former wastewater plant is regarded as a highlight for quality events and the building is packed with character, history and fascinating stories. With its unique industrial architecture and many machines and pumps, it offers a distinctive live culture from the local scene to international world stars. More than 120,000 guests visit the many events annually. The Pumpwerk also includes a large outdoor area with beer garden, open air stage and park.