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Wilhelmshaven Ahoy!

Wilhelmshaven offers a varied and colourful choice of things to do – visit the museum ship or Coastal Museum and marvel at all the things you didn’t know about storm surges, insurgent sailors and stranded whales!

Would you like to go on a boat tour? Then you can explore the region: the seal banks, Arngast light house and the JadeWeserPort are all good destinations for a day out. A trip in the marine port is also an impressive option.

The Pumpwerk cultural centre, meanwhile, offers jazz and other types of musical performances whilst in the Stadttheater (city theatre) visitors can enjoy modern as well as classic plays.

Wilhelmshaven also offers many sporting events: the calendar starts in June with the Gorch-Fock Marathon and continues in August with the North Sea Man Triathlon and the JadeWeserPort CUP in October – one of the highlights of the year.

The Weekend by the Jade, on the first weekend of July, is the city’s maritime festival which attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding region to the Jadebusen.

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World Heritage Wadden Sea

The ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven is located directly on the Great Harbor and in the immediate vicinity of the UNESCO-World Heritage Wadden Sea. In just a few steps you can reach the dike and the Jade Bay behind.

Since 1986, the Wadden Sea at the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony  is protected as a national park. With a size of approximately 345,000 hectares, the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea is the second largest German national park.

This unique habitat can be experienced in many ways. The intact nature, the recovery in healthy air and the beautiful landscape invite to many activities: hiking, mudflat walks, cycling, horseback riding or water sports in the national park are particularly popular with guests as well as locals.

Especially a mudflat walk is a must for anyone who wants to get to know and experience this unique habitat.

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Wadden Sea Visitor Centre

If you want to discover the Wadden Sea, the only natural area of its kind in the world, you should start your journey at the visitors’ centre of the UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden Sea in Wilhelmshaven. In the nature exploration centre spanning 2,000 square metres on the Jade Bay, you can find out at numerous discovery stations just how animals and plants adapt to extreme living conditions. In the aquarium landscape, many fish, shrimps and other typical North Sea animals can be seen up close. The ornithological warden’s hut, which is more than 100 years old, as well as the “storm room” in which you can experience what a hurricane is like, convey an impression of the powerful forces of nature and the lives of the people here. The visitor magnet is the 14 m long skeleton of a sperm whale which was stranded off Baltrum Island in 1994. Unique worldwide is in particular the presentation of plastinated whale organs: the heart, lungs and blowhole were prepared by Gunther von Hagens (“Body Worlds” exhibition). The suspended sperm whale skeleton and interactive multimedia stations provide a fascinating insight into the life of whales, their history and current whale research. In addition, the Wattenmeerhaus Visitor Centre regularly offers mudflat walks and nature experience events, such as cutter trips with show fishing or boat tours to the seal banks.

Further information is available on the website of the Wadden Sea Visitor Centre (German only): https://www.wattenmeer-besucherzentrum.de/

Important information:The visitors' centre will expectedly be closed for reconstruction works until Easter 2021.

German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven

German Naval Museum


The German Naval Museum offers exciting insights into the present and former navy under the theme of People–Times–Ships. On board the museum ships, the spotlight is on the strenuous but also adventurous everyday life of the German Navy at sea. Almost 170 years of German naval history can be explored in the German Naval Museum. An emperor with a naval passion, huge battleships, mutinous sailors and two German navies who had to be united in 1990 are just a few of the key points whose background can be discovered in the permanent historical exhibition. In addition, you can experience the ports of Wilhelmshaven
and the former Imperial Shipyard, today’s Naval Arsenal, from the waterfront on a naval history boat trip with the museum’s own launch, the “Kapitän Meyer”. (April to October).

Photo: © Mölders

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Big harbour tour

From March to October, you have the daily opportunity to experience an unforgettable trip with the MV “Harle Kurier” through the naval port, to the tanker jetties and to the JadeWeserPort. See up close how the heavy cargo ships of up to 350,000 t dock in Wilhelmshaven and marvel at the JadeWeserPort, Germany’s only deepwater harbour.


Further information is available on the website of the Warrings shipping company: https://www.reederei-warrings.de/hafenrundfahrt/


Cranes at the harbour near the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

JadeWeserPort Infocenter

With a fascinating exhibition and exciting tours through Germany’s new deepwater container port, the InfoCenter offers its visitors an attraction
that is unique throughout the country.
Exhibition: The InfoCenter invites its visitors, both young and old, to an exciting and interactive voyage of discovery into the modern world of ports, trade and
logistics and vividly shows everything that is possible in the JadeWeserPort, Germany’s only deepwater harbour. The exhibition opens up the world
of ports with plenty of interesting background information. As the captain of a ship simulator, you can even approach the port yourself with one of the
jumbo container ships.
Harbour bus tours: The bus tours through the JadeWeserPort get you up close to the action. With an expert pilot on board, the journey continues over the former dike
to the front of the tugboat harbour and up to the huge container gantry cranes. Here you get an hour’s information about the history and the current
situation of the harbour. Be there live when there is another “big tub” in the harbour and the bridges and van carriers are in full operation.

Further information is available on the website of the JadeWeserPort InfoCenter: https://www.wilhelmshaven-touristik.de/veranstaltungen/locations/jadeweserport-infocenter/

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Aquarium Wilhelmshaven

The Aquarium Wilhelmshaven invites you on a journey through the history of the origins of our earth with over 500 fossil witnesses of past times and over 300 animal species from the marine and land habitats. The tour leads through the flora and fauna of the North Sea and the Wadden Sea with its flatfish, catsharks, lobsters, crabs and seals, past seahorses, octopuses and jellyfish to the inhabitants of tropical and subtropical oceans and habitats, such as sharks, colourful schools of fish and coral reefs, a chameleon, pygmy marmoset monkeys, caimans and even penguins.

TIP: The adjacent children’s play palace BULLERMECK with panorama restaurant

Further information is available on the website of the Aquarium Wilhelmshaven: http://aquarium-wilhelmshaven.de/

ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven | Beach chair

Beach at Hooksiel

The long sandy beach of Hooksiel is only 20 km away. Spend a few carefree hours in the dunes, feel the sand at your feet during a walk, bathe in the North Sea waves, discover the mud flats or build a large sand castle. Hooksiel is the ideal bathing area for families with children as well as for couples or singles. Beach chairs are available for rent and a playground on the beach offers plenty of space for romping around. To ensure that bathing is undisturbed and safe at both low and high tide, all bathing beaches are monitored by DLRG lifesavers during the season. Sanitary facilities with refreshing showers are also available.

There is also a lot on offer for water-sport lovers: here you can really get the most out of kitesurfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddleboarding.

Further information is available on the website of the
Wangerland Tourism (German only): 

Kulturzentrum Pumpwerk

The pumping station is one of the leading cultural centers in German-speaking countries. The former sewage works is an absolute tip for events at a high level and is a house with character, history and stories. With its unique industrial architecture and the many machines and pumps, it offers unmistakable, eventful live culture from the local scene to world stars. Over 120,000 guests attend the numerous events every year. A large outdoor area with a beer garden, open-air stage and park is connected to the pumping station.

Further information on the website of the Kulturzentrum Pumpwerk: https://www.pumpwerk.de/

Exhibition "unter Wasser/über Wass", art gallery Wilhelmshaven, 2010, Photo: Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

There aren’t many galleries in Germany which were co-founded by an emperor and the navy! It was the local navy chief, Admiral Friedrich Graf von Baudissin, who had the idea for founding the establishment and the association which built the gallery. With the support of Kaiser Wilhelm II, he opened the oldest cultural institution on the East Frisian peninsula in 1912/13. The current building is located in the city centre’s cultural district on a beautiful avenue of linden trees, Adalbertstrasse. The first house for contemporary art in the North (pictured) was already dedicated to newcomers of the time, such as Walter Leistikow and Otto Modersohn. Today, the programme includes regional and international works, is dedicated to crossover in the arts and, as a scientific research institution, pursues topics

related to local cultural and art history.


Further information is available on the website of Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven (German only): http://www.kunsthalle-wilhelmshaven.de/


Coastal Museum

Explore the past, present and future of the coast in an unconventionally designed exhibition. Learn exciting stories about storm surges, dike workers, chiefs, pirates, ships, emperors and masks. The varied tour begins with the creation of the coast around 12,000 years ago and extends to Wilhelmshaven's deep-water port "JadeWeserPort". The visitors learn about the detective work of archaeological research in the reconstruction of the everyday life of the early coastal inhabitants. Around the medieval Siebethsburg, the presentation invites you to dress up as a pirate, load a ship or trade in stolen goods on a market square. On a foray through the city's history, explore the great moments and catastrophes in the 150-year history of the naval city! A varied offer with guided tours, workshops, holiday programs and lectures complement the permanent and special exhibitions.


Rent a bike

A tour by bike is probably the best way to explore the North Sea coast on your own: flat land, no mountains,
along the dike, past lighthouses and sheep. The wide sea always in the view – cycling is fun here!

We have 6 rental bicycles available for your exploration and 8 easy driving e-bikes for headwinds.

Rental fee per bike: 10.00 € per day
Rental fee per e-bike: 25.00 € per day

Jogging map

Discover our jogging routes around the hotel. You can choose between a 7.5 km long route around Lake Banter or a 3.9 km long route around the inner harbor. Both routes start directly at the hotel and convince by their immediate proximity to the water. You can find our jogging map in a handy format at our jogging station in the lobby or as a download below.

Tip: Also suitable for a stroll!



The flat landscape around Wilhelmshaven is superb for golfing. With plenty of exercise, lots of fresh air, excitement and relaxation all at the same time, golf is a fascinating and beautiful sport. The challenge lies in the combined need for concentration, coordination and fitness. Whether young or old, golf is a sport for the whole family. Players of different skill levels and ages can play together here. From Wilhelmshaven, you can easily reach two golf courses: the 18-hole course of Golfclub Wilhelmshaven-Friesland and the 27-hole course of Golfclub Ostfriesland.

Further information on the website of the Golfclub Wilhelmshaven-Friesland: https://www.golfclub-wilhelmshaven.de/

Further information on the website of the  Golfclub Ostfriesland: http://www.golfclub-ostfriesland.de/de/

Sailing Cup in Wilhelmshaven


Whether the "weekend at the Jade" or the "Wilhelmshaven Sailing Cup", Wilhelmshaven offers its visitors exciting festivals with a maritime flair.

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