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Conditions of participation

••• Membership / conditions of participation

Membership is free of charge. Not contributions/fees are charged in any form.
Participation starts with possession of the ATLANTIC CARD and confirmation by means of your signature that you accept the conditions of membership.
The ATLANTIC CARD (hereinafter referred to as “card”) remains in the possession of ATLANTIC HOTELS and cannot be used as a credit card.
The card is not transferable and must always be presented when checking in.
Companies or legal persons cannot become members. Only single, natural persons who are older than 18 years of age are eligible for participation. There is no legal claim for admission to participation. ATLANTIC HOTELS can refuse participation in the ATLANTIC CARD programme without having to provide reasons.
Address changes are to be provided to ATLANTIC HOTELS (hereinafter referred to as AH) at the telephone numbers 0421 944888-0 or by mail: card@atlantic-hotels.de without delay.
In the event of theft or loss of the card, please also contact AH to receive a substitute card. This card has a new membership number. All points are transferred from the old membership account to the new one.
The member is responsible for ensuring the card is used in accordance with the company travel guidelines.
The card’s benefits are only accessible for the card owner and are not transferable.
Private utilisation of points that are collected during the business stay is subject to taxation in accordance with the respective tax laws. The member him/herself is responsible for correct payment.
The participant can terminate the membership relationship at any time in writing, without complying with a period of notice. Termination by AH is only possible by complying with a termination period of 2 weeks, to the extent that termination does not ensue for important cause. Termination without notice by AH as well as a subsequent exclusion from future participation can also ensue for cause. An important reason would be present in particular in the event of a serious infringement of the participant regarding the conditions of participation, in the event of essential false declarations, harassing or damaging behaviour toward AH or employees of AH or other guests of AH. In the event of due termination by the participant or AH, the collected points retain their validity for a period of 6 months after receipt of the termination, to the extent that no prior expiry occurs as a result of time expiration. In the event of justified immediate termination by AH, the points expire upon receipt of the termination declaration by the participant.

AH reserves the right to discontinue the ATLANTIC CARD programme as such at any time or replace it by another programme (e.g. the benefits that are to be granted, the awarding of points or the foundation for points) or to duly terminate membership. Also with regard to these terminations, the regulations of the previously mentioned paragraph shall apply accordingly. Changes or amendments regarding the conditions of participation are announced by information that is provided in text form. If a participant continues to use his/her ATLANTIC CARD or does not lodge an objection within one month after announcement, these changes are considered authorised. If a participant raises an objection to the programme change, his/her membership can be terminated in accordance with the conditions required for due termination.

••• Collecting points

Points are awarded for overnight stays and additional turnover. Additional turnover consists exclusively of hotel-own performances such as, e.g. restaurant dining, minibar, PAY TV, kiosk items.
Points are awarded for almost all room rates. Group rates, event and expedient rates are expressly excluded from this.
Points are only awarded for the room occupied by the member, even if the member pays for numerous rooms.
Points are awarded at check-out (departure). A subsequent awarding of points is only possible when presenting the hotel invoice and as of the start of participation in the ATLANTIC-CARD programme. If the stay is more than six months old, it is no longer possible to credit points.
Points are not awarded when payment is made with a gift voucher. Points are also not awarded for services that are not provided by the hotel.
Points are only credited to the member, regardless of who pays the invoice!
The collected points cannot be transferred to another account. Numerous members cannot add up their points.
If no points are collected within 36 months after the last event, all points gathered to date will expire.
You will be informed regarding the current status of the points account at the latest quarterly or when arriving at an ATLANTIC HOTEL for your next stay. If no complaints are received by AH within 2 weeks after receipt of the respective current point total, the points shall be deemed to have been accepted. ATLANTIC CONGRESS HOTEL ESSEN is currently not participating in the programme and as such, unfortunately, no points can be collected.

••• Redeeming points

If the card owner decides to redeem the points for a prize, the points account is debited accordingly by the relevant number of points. Should the member desire this, the prize is issued in the form of a gift voucher / admission ticket and sent per post. Alternatively, there also is the option of depositing it at the hotel reception for the next stay.

Redeeming the prize in connection with an overnight stay must be reserved in advance (by telephone, fax or email) and explicit attention must be drawn to this during reservation. Information regarding redemption of the prize must be provided to the redeeming hotel/restaurant at least 7 working days/ 1 week prior to utilisation of the prize. The prizes’ availability can vary, depending on the date, season and destination. As the case may be, individual prizes are possibly also not available at certain times. Prizes cannot be combined with certain services at reduced tariffs.

Free overnight stays as well as all other prizes (the exception is prizes for third-party services such as, e.g. admission tickets) can currently be redeemed at the following hotels:

  • ATLANTIC Hotel Airport, Bremen: Phone +49 (0) 421 5571-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, Bremen: Phone +49 (0) 421 8467-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Galopprennbahn, Bremen: Phone +49 (0) 421 33300-0
  • ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen: Phone +49 (0) 421 62062-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack: Phone +49 (0) 421 6605-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, Bremerhaven: Phone +49 (0) 471 30990-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel: Phone +49 (0) 431 37499-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Lübeck: Phone +49 (0) 451 38479-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Münster: Phone + 49 (0) 251 20800-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven: Phone +49 (0) 4421 77998-0
  • ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde: Phone +49 (0) 4502 308-0
  • ATLANTIC Hotel Münster: Phone + 49 (0) 251 20800-0

Prizes can ordered directly at www.atlantic-hotels.de/en/atlantic-card/ or at the telephone number 0421 333 00 549, or by mail at card@atlantic-hotels.de . All gift certificate prizes are valid for 36 months after issue. Validity cannot be extended.
Prizes can only be requested by the card owner.

••• Declaration of consent for the use of personal data

For maintaining the ATLANTIC-CARD PROGRAMME, we requested you to provide us with your personal data (customer data). We require this information for you to benefit from the advantages of the programme. You are at liberty not to provide this customer data, but please bear in mind that we are then not in a position to let you participate in the programme.
We would also like to have the opportunity of sharing your customer information with certain selected partner companies (marketing partners), who provide you with additional services or help us provide you with additional services as a part of your benefits for participating in the programme. We will not sell your customer information to third parties for advertising purposes.
We only cooperate with marketing partners who comply with the EU guideline for data protection and, as such, guarantee that the confidential information remains confidential.
You can gain insight into the customer information we have stored on you by contacting us at ATLANTIC Hotels Management GmbH, Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 2, 28329 Bremen. If you would like to correct or delete anything in your customer information, please inform us via the aforementioned address. You can delete all your customer information that we hand over or provide to marketing partners at any time. Please inform us accordingly via the aforementioned address, but also bear in mind that, following the deletion of certain information from our documentation records, we or our marketing partners can no longer provide you with certain services. Should you desire the deletion of the complete data records, participation in the programme ends automatically.
Should we make any changes regarding the manner in which we use confidential information, we will contact you via the data you provided. We will do this before introducing the new procedures, so as to obtain the necessary permission from you. If we cannot receive permission from you in this manner, it will not be possible to provide you with certain services within the framework of the programme.
With the signature and return of this application form to an employee, you provide your permission regarding the aforementioned conditions as well as the understanding regarding the information we have provided you with.


••• Disclaimer

The responsibility of the ATLANTIC-CARD programme is only in the free overnight stay as such. Other measures and performances are not within the scope of ATLANTIC HOTELS’ responsibility.If the use of the card is limited due to events arising owing to force majeure, such as strike, fire acts of war and hostilities, ATLANTIC HOTELS cannot be held liable. For damages the participants incur in connection with the redemption of the prize, the following liability provision applies: liability is unrestricted in case of intent or gross negligence, as well as in case of a warranty. In case of slight negligence, liability is also unrestricted in the event of injuries to life, limb and health. With a slightly negligent breach of essential contractual duties, liability shall be limited to foreseeable damages and financial damages in the amount of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage. With the exception of claims in accordance with the (German) Product Liability Law, liability for compensation for damage going beyond this is excluded.

••• Severability clause

Should any of the aforementioned clauses be or become ineffective, either in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The invalid clause shall be substituted for a valid one that achieves the legal and commercial objectives of the invalid clause to the greatest extent possible. The same applies for possible omissions in regulations.