News  /  01. February 2015

United Against Waste

ATLANTIC Hotels actively support the Initiative United Against Waste. As the phrase indicates, it fights against wasting food and thereby provides an important contribution for the environment.

In 2012, with United Against Waste e.V., an initiative was started for the food service market. The purpose was to draw chefs’ and the industry’s attention to the fact that combating food waste is possible and - what is more - that it also saves money.

The initiators have compiled a concrete service package in Germany that provides chefs with information and assists them in making the topic of food waste more tangible in daily kitchen work. Analyses and calculation charts provide realisation support in the various companies and increase motivation. At the same time, thanks to active public relations work, it is ensured that the challenge of avoiding waste and food waste receives more public attention. United Against Waste addresses a topical and definitely controversially-discussed theme in the food industry and, at the same time, offers solution approaches that have the goal of sensitising all involved parties when it comes to careful and respectful dealings with our food products.

In future, we would like to keep you updated here regarding concrete measures and successes. It’s something to look forward to!

Photo: © Sonyakamoz – Fotolia