Cranes at the harbour near the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven

Deep-water container port

The JadeWeserPort, deep-water container port in Wilhelmshaven, is one of the biggest North German infrastructure projects of the past 50 years.
Even container ships with a length of up to 430 m and draught of up to 16.5 m can moor at Germany’s only deep-water port without waiting times and irrespective of the tide. The 1,725 m quay enables the simultaneous handling of up to four large container ships.
The 130 hectare terminal has a shoreside transhipment terminal for combined transport. This is adjoined by the 160 hectare logistic zone with goods transport centre. The EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven assumed operation in September 2012 and will have a handling capacity of 2.7 million standard containers a year.

Further information on the website of the JadeWeserPort

The Deep-water Container Port Visitor and Information Centre

Wanderlust guaranteed! This fascinating interactive exhibition takes you on a journey from the port city of Shanghai to Europe. Understand and experience by touching and trying out the exhibits – smuggled goods, “dicke Pötte” ships, shipping now and then, people at sea and in the port, maritime industry, logistics and much more. The guided port bus tours take visitors through the port from the visitor centre to the quay wall, the “dicke Pötte” big ships, huge container gantry cranes and back.

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