German Naval Museum in Wilhelmshaven

German Marine Museum

Under the motto “People-Epochs-Ships”, the German Marine Museum offers a fascinating insight into modern and past marine life. On board the museum ships, visitors can find out about the strenuous but also adventurous everyday life at sea of the German navy.

The German Marine Museum presents 170 years of German marine history. A marine loving emperor, huge battleships, mutinous sailors and two German marines which had to be united in 1990 are only some of the subjects which are explored in the historic permanent collection. In 2016 there will also be a special exhibition from June to September on the Battle of Jutland which took place 100 years ago and was the biggest naval battle of the First World War. The new addition to the outdoor area should also not be missed: in spring the last free berth will be taken by a S71 “Gepard” speedboat which has been withdrawn from service. Similar to the guided missile destroyer “Mölders”, the mine hunter “Weilheim” and the submarine “U 10”, this will also be open for visitors to get on board and explore. After so much exciting history, visitors can stop off in the museum café for a rest and refreshment or go on a further marine history tour through Wilhelmshaven’s ports or the former royal shipyard, today the Marinearsenal, on the museum’s launch boats, the NEPTUN and POSEIDON (April to October).

And, for anyone who wants to inhale even more sea air, the museum also offers trips on its own traditional boat, the Nordwind, which used to be used in officer’s training.

Further information on the website of the German Marine Museum:

www.marinemuseum.de (only german)

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