Living area with a couch, a table and flowers in the suite at the ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel

Atlantic  Hotel Kiel


Suite Deal

Treat yourself to a special experience.

In the spaciousness of the suites, with separate living and sleeping areas, make yourself comfortable.
For added comfort, a Tassimo coffee machine, a music system with USB connection and the generous dining area.

Enjoy your free time in the North German atmosphere. Due to the corner location of the suites, the Panorama-view impresses with the Kiel harbor and the city center.

Decide when you arrive for more luxury and enjoy the benefits of the Suite Deal.

Special rate for upsell from a Deluxe Room: 30.00€ per night
Special rate for upsell from a Superior Room: 50.00€ per night
Special rate for upsell from a Comfort Room: 60.00€ per night

Only bookable on arrival and per availability

Please contact us via telephone +49 (0) 431 37499-555 or via e-mail to reservierung.ahk@atlantic-hotels.de.