Kieler opera house at twilight
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Kiel theatre

Opera - theatrical performance - ballet – concert – children’s and youth theatre: five different sectors at four venues unite Kiel theatre. As such, it is the largest stage in the North. In its history of more than one hundred years, it has evolved from a city theatre into a five-sector house of the state capital Kiel and one of the most significant theatre houses in Northern Germany. Under the leadership of the director, Daniel Karasek, and the musical director, Georg Fritzsch, the spectrum of Kiel theatre comprises classic pieces from opera and theatrical performances, philharmonic concerts, contemporary straight theatre, musicals, world premieres, award-winning performances, and numerous special productions.

Opera house

The opera house, which was built between 1905 and 1907, is situated next to the city hall in the heart of the state capital Kiel. The building was badly damaged during the Second World War and reconstructed at the beginning of the fifties. The interior furnishing in the “New Modern” style, which was popular at the time, is under monumental protection. The red brick Art Nouveau building has computer-controlled upper and lower machinery as well as a revolving stage, numerous playing possibilities and state-of-the-art lighting and sound engineering. Kiel opera house offers space for more than 800 spectators and is popular for its well-diversified programme that covers everything from baroque opera to canon works of musical theatre, musical and operettas, philharmonic concerts as well as ballet performances of the own company.


The "Schauspielhaus" in Holtenauer Straße offers space for more than 400 spectators. Here classic works of stage literature are hosted, as well as stagings of contemporary pieces, guest appearances and world premieres on stage. The house can look back at an eventful history: the theatre was opened in Holtenauer Straße in 1907. Initially, comedies, operettas and farces were staged here. As of 1949, it hosted a cinema for five years. From 1996-98, the historic building was renovated and modernised. The theatre room has outstanding acoustics and modern and functional stagecraft. The studio, found on the top floor of the house, has the second, smaller Kiel playhouse stage. Here, up to 100 spectators can experience a theatre evening in an intimate atmosphere.

Theatre in Werftpark

The theatre in Werftpark is the Kiel stage for young and old alike. Since 1972, theatre plays have been offered in the state capital especially for children and young adults. In 1989, the former cinema and event house in the Werftpark (dockyard park) was converted for the highly successful ensemble. The theatre has two event rooms: the hall with approx. 90 seats and a smaller room, the rehearsal stage, with seating for approx. 60 persons. Today the theatre in Werftpark hosts by far more than 200 performances per season in its own building. Still to be added are guest performances with own pieces in kindergartens and schools in Kiel and the surrounding area, as well as third-party events.