Criminal dinner at the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven

Atlantic  Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven


Whodunnit Dinner

Enjoy an unusual 4-course menu as part of the company in the house of the Ashtonburry family. Select one of the pieces from the original KRIMIDINNER® and experience both dramatic and humorous stories up close and personal.

Dates 2019:

Sunday, 15. December 2019 - Die Nacht des Schreckens

Dates 2020:

Sunday, 26. January 2020 - Die Jagd vom schwarzen Moor
Sunday, 8. March 2020 - Sherlock Holmes und Fluch der Ashtonburrys
Sunday, 19. April 2020 - Der Teufel der Rennbahn


Inclusive services:
1 Aperitif
4-course menu


starting from € 79.00 per person

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