Apiarist with his bees on the roof of the ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City in Bremerhaven

Atlantic  Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven

News  /  01. June 2015

Busy bees, serving sustainability!

Things are humming! Following the successful colonisation of three bee colonies in 2014, ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, with its hotel director Tim Oberdieck, is delighted about the arrival of the fourth colony later this year. The busy bees, with their about 240,000 little migrant workers, already contributed the honey for the first harvest by the end of July.

Andreas Bredehorn, the city beekeeper, is passionate about his responsibility for the beehives, which are located on the Conference Center roof. He knows that, apart from the generous array of flowers in the parks, balconies and garden plots, the bees are particularly fond of the fresh clover growing along the dyke. In contrast to the countryside, hardly any pesticides are used in the city. As a result, the so-called “Seestadt-Honig” is a particularly pure product. With two harvests per year, a total of 120 kg of finest honey can be gained under ideal conditions.

The bees are also part of a year-round in-house exhibition in the incorporated Conference Center. By means of this, ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City underscores its claim regarding sustainable actions and business. On large-sized pictures, particular attention is drawn to those people who live out the sustainability thought and consistently implement this in the hotel, day by day. The photo exhibition is opened daily, and we extend a warm welcome to all visitors!