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ATLANTIC Hotels Management GmbH
Ludwig-Roselius-Allee 2
28329 Bremen
Managing Director: Mr Markus Griesenbeck
Bremen District Court: HRB 30008
VAT ID no: DE 298045135
Phone: +49 (0) 421 944888-0
Fax: +49 (0) 421 944888-552
E-Mail: geschaeftsleitung@atlantic-hotels.de

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Hotels of the group:

Managing Director: Markus Griesenbeck
ATLANTIC Hotel Airport GmbH
ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Rennbahn GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Universum GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Lübeck / Hotel Betriebsgesellschaft Schmiedestraße mbH
ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde GmbH
ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven GmbH

ATLANTIC Hotel Münster GmbH
Managing Directors: Markus Griesenbeck, Marc Rohe

ATLANTIC Hotel Heidelberg Europaplatz Betriebsgesellschaft mbH
Managing Directors: Sarka Snasel, Kurt Zech

ATLANTIC Hotel Landgut Horn / Paul/Linnemann Hotel GmbH
Managing Directors: Volker Behrens, Markus Griesenbeck

gottlieb Bremen/ ATLANTIC Hotel Rennbahn Catering GmbH
Managing Directors: Markus Griesenbeck, Stefan Kohlhase

ATLANTIC Hotel Frankfurt Messe GmbH
Managing Directors: Kurt Zech, Sarka Snasel

The individual managing directors are responsible for the respective ATLANTIC Hotels. The contact details are provided under the Contact menu item.

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