Exterior view of the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven

German Emigration Center Bremerhaven

What does it feel like to leave one’s home behind and start a whole new life somewhere else?

In the German Emigration Center, you can follow the fate of an emigrant: the farewell from home; the passage and arrival in the New World. Elaborate reconstructions and multi-media stagings breathe life into the emigration.

Since the prize-winning experience museum’s expansion, you can now travel further into the interior of the USA. In a replica of New York Central Train Station, you can discover how emigrants settled down as immigrants in their new homeland, built up a home for themselves and where they found work.

In the adjacent annex building you can set off on a personal search for traces and, amidst everyday utensils, get to know 15 moving family stories of immigrants who had come to Germany since the 17th century.

Immigrants and emigrants united in the best European museum 2007.

Flyer German Emigration Center (German)

For more information, visit the German Emigration Center website

National German Shipping Museum

Bremerhaven ahoi!

The German Shipping Museum is located directly by the Weser dyke promenade with the museum harbour. The collection comprises more than 500 ship models: be it magnificent sailing yachts, modern day tankers or the oldest boat on earth - in the area surrounding the German Shipping Museum, every seafarer can set off on a discovery tour!

For more information, visit the website of German Shipping Museum (German)

Bremerhaven Zoo

Experience marine animals up close and personal:

With the unique specialisation in Nordic fauna, the theme zoo is among the most modern facilities in the whole of Europe. The location, directly on the Weser dyke allows unique integration of the large, nature-like zoo facilities into the natural ocean seascape.

The North Sea aquarium delights visitors with its marine diversity - immerse yourself in a vividly-coloured underwater world!

For more information, visit the Bremerhaven Zoo website (German)

View over Bremerhaven from the observation deck in the ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City

Viewing platform Sail City

Visit the public viewing platform and discover the unique view across the maritime city of Bremerhaven!

With an altitude of 147 metres, ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City is one of the highest buildings along the German North Sea coast. At a height of 86 metres, you are afforded an exclusive view across Bremerhaven and the surrounding area from the publicly accessible viewing platform.

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