The ATLANTIC Hotel Airport is situated right opposite the departure lounge of the Bremen Airport (Terminal 3) at the "Flughafenallee"
Incentive, team building or leisure programme

Accompanying Programmes

We can also organise fantastic leisure programmes for your event, such as a view behind the scenes of Bremen Airport. Draw inspiration from our recommendations – our Event Sales Team would be delighted to help you find the perfect incentive for your event.

Accompanying programmes

Airplane on airport runway | Accompanying programmes at ATLANTIC Hotel Airport Bremen

Tour of Bremen Airport

AIRstounding insights!


The Bremen Airpport offers exciting airport tours. At 10:00 am on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month, you can take part in an open tour (prior registration required). Special dates and times may be possible for groups.


Duration: approx. 2 hours

Photo: © phonlamaiphoto – Fotolia

Rocket in space| Accompanying programmes at ATLANTIC Hotel Airport Bremen

Airbus space tour

Bremen is one of the most important aerospace locations in Europe!


How do we get water and food to the astronauts? How do they live, sleep and perform research in conditions of weightlessness? You will find some fascinating answers in the Columbus replica. Have a look into the production area for the Ariane rockets that bring satellites into orbit. And how heavy is a litre of milk on the moon?


Duration: approx. 2 hours

Photo: © Vadimsadovski – Fotolia