Sustainibility strategy

Green to go to protect the environment

Resource-saving work processes have long since found their way into our daily hotel routine and we are continuously optimising them.

In June 2023, all hotel processes at the ATLANTIC Hotel Universum were audited for the first time by the GreenSign Institut GmbH and awarded the very good level 4 out of 5.


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Header photo: © Gerd Altmann – Pixabay geralt


"Once the bee disappears from the earth, man has only 4 years to live. No more bee, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man." - Albert Einstein

We take this to heart. Since 2018, there has been a small beehive at the ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, which is maintained by BEE-RENT. 30,000 bees benefit from the green surroundings and pollinate the flowers in the city forest and Bürgerpark. Nowadays, honey bees cannot survive without an experienced beekeeper. Every three months, the beekeeper checks how many bees are living in the hive, treats against the Varroa mite if necessary and, if needed, gives the bees some feed dough. He checks the honeycombs and takes them to the extractor once a year. The finished honey then comes back to us and is given to our guests on special occasions. 

Not only the ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, but also the hotel group together with various beekeepers' associations have been committed to the protection and preservation of bee colonies for several years.

Bee pollinates flower

Green Service

You have the choice to design with "green". Green service means, that we clean your room from a stay of more than 3 nights. We save large amounts of water, energy as well as cleaning agents and reduce the burden on the environment. It is important to us that we, as the host team of a large hotel, take responsibility and set the more resource-saving way as our internal standard. The choice not to participate and to request room cleaning is still yours, despite our changed handling. You simply inform our reception of your wishes after arrival.

Additionally: Every guest decides how long he/she wants to use their towel. Towels in the bathtub mean: "Please change". Towels on the holder mean: "I will continue to use". With every decision to use the towel another time, you are helping the environment.

Waste separation in the hotel room

In your hotel room you will find a sign on the rubbish bin asking you to dispose of residual waste in the bathroom – paper, glass and plastics in the rubbish bin by the desk. Our housekeeping will continue to separate the waste.

Photo: © ANNCA – Pixabay

United Against Waste e.V. – Together against unnecessary waste

The ATLANTIC Hotel Universum actively supports the United Against Waste initiative against food waste and thus makes a further contribution to the environment. 

In order to reduce food waste, we determine the demand by measuring the leftovers from plates and the buffet and thus continuously adjust the food calculation for the buffet.
In addition, we cook freshly for the buffet – even if this may lead to short waiting times for replenishment.

With United Against Waste against unnecessary food waste

Saving food with Too Good To Go

We reduce food waste and offer at least one bag from our breakfast buffet for pick-up every day. 
For more information on to good to go, click here

We save food – Too Good To Go 

Regional partner network

In our restaurant we work together with regional partners in order to avoid long delivery routes.