Welcome at the race course


We like to offer you a selection of newspapers and magazines free of charge. There is also a download possibility.

Twingle menu

In our DERBY restaurant you can enjoy a 3 course menu for 2 persons for only 38.50 € including a glas of wine.


The lobby contains a display case with a small selection of souvenirs for the beloved ones at home.

Think green!

Out of love for the environment! Do you also believe that a daily room cleaning is not necessary?


Find your next destination in Bremen, Bremerhaven, Lübeck, Essen, Travemünde, Wilhelmshaven, Kiel or Sylt.


Your opinion is very important for us. Let us know, what you liked and where we could do better. Thank you!

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golf © Andres Rodriguez – Fotolia
man at sea © AW/Shotshop.com
stars & thumbs up © Contrastwerkstatt – Fotolia
Think Green: © Lakov Kalinin