Function room in the ATLANTIC Hotel Aírport

Atlantic  Hotel Airport Bremen

press release

The hotel with an own airport

The 8th floor of ATLANTIC Hotel Airport is shining in new splendour. A modern ambience, state-of-the-art technology and theme-appropriate conference rooms characterise the new image of the hotel at Bremen Airport. During renovation work, the given conditions of Restaurant BLIXX were respected.

“With this step, we have succeeded at catapulting our house into the 21st century. Although we were adequately furnished before, the furnishings were no longer quite in keeping with the current style. This has changed,” explains the manager of ATLANTIC Hotel Airport, Tim Langer, satisfaction audible in his voice, and he goes on to say: “We have been very successful with our Restaurant BLIXX.” The spectacular view across the entire airport is a real highlight. The sales manager, Dennis Micknaß, describes: “Together with our new ambience, the panorama now fully comes into its own. We are very proud of the modernised BLIXX.” With the transnational concept, chef de cuisine, Jörg Horstmann combines the best of five continents and skilfully integrates the airport theme with the hotel’s gastronomy. The menu variety mirrors the open-mindedness lived in practice. Skilled employees from 20 nations are currently working at ATLANTIC Hotel Airport, and their customary cuisine also influences the selection of meals.

Restaurant BLIXX offers a varying lunch menu from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:30, ranging in price from 6.50 to 10.50 euros.

The seven optimised event locations on the 8th floor, offer space for up to 390 participants. “Lilienthal” room, with its exclusive view across the Bremen skyline, invites up to 250 persons to participate in meetings and celebrations.Tim Langer is really enthusiastic: “For the first time in the history of our hotel, we have placed special emphasis on flying. In so doing, we responded to the wish of our department manager. We have now named each of the new rooms after an aviation pioneer - such as, e.g. Armstrong, Dornier or Lindbergh – and harmoniously decorated these with corresponding photographs. We stand for “prospAIRous meetings.”

The current renovations cost about a quarter of a million euros. The goal will remain to present the hotel in a contemporary manner also in future.