Signed and sealed quality

The ATLANTIC Hotel Group places great emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Two of the company’s most discerning goals are found in continually improving these. So as to convey the message of quality management externally as well, the Hotel Group regularly subjects itself to audits by external experts.

Quality management ISO 9001:2015

ATLANTIC Hotels were first certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 by the German Organization for the Certification of Management Systems (DQS, Frankfurt am Main) in September 2013. With the audit in 2014 / 2015, all hotels were once again awarded their certificate.  Nevertheless, the ATLANTIC Hotels have gone one step further: under the direction of Michael Stüring, Head of Central Services and Quality Management, the hotel operation was again certified for the new DIN ISO 9001:2015.

The team, revolving around the managing director Markus Griesenbeck and managing director Ursula Carl (ATLANTIC Grand Hotel GmbH), proves that, among others, success is due to quality awareness that is lived in practice. Independent inspectors will conduct the inspection in future. This has the purpose of guaranteeing continuous quality optimisation.

Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 is an effective corporate management instrument. It stands for the continuous improvement of a company’s performance and quality improvements as desired by customers. This creates trust, both with customers and partners. This is an essential factor to ensure sustainable success in a saturated market.

The ATLANTIC Hotel group is one of the first German hotel cooperation’s, whose houses got successfully certified in accordance with DIN EN. The renewed certification is an excellent basis for the upcoming expansion plans of the hotel group.

The following hotels are currently certified in addition to the ATLANTIC Hotels Management GmbH: ATLANTIC Hotel Airport, ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Bremen, ATLANTIC Hotel Galopprennbahn, ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack, ATLANTIC Hotel Kiel, ATLANTIC Hotel Lübeck, ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven and ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde (as of Juni 2017).

More information: www.dqs.de

VDR hotel certification

The Association of German Travel Management “Verband Deutsches Reisemanagement e. V.” (VDR), certified ATLANTIC Hotels. This confirms that the hotels satisfy the special requirements of business travellers and conference guests.

Experts from travel and event management sectors are deployed as inspectors. This means that “certified” is a true customer certificate.

More information: www.vdr-service.de

Certified Green Hotel®

Business travellers and event participants not only have discerning demands when it comes to their accommodation. Increasingly, they also expect hotels to be managed sustainably and ecologically in a future-oriented, trend-setting manner. With the Certified Green Hotel seal of approval, ATLANTIC Hotels ensures that it is prepared for the challenges of the future.

VDR developed an inspection catalogue with more than 70 criteria in the categories of energy, water, waste, food & beverages, mobility, social responsibility (CSR), as well as information & responsible actions. ATLANTIC Hotels was awarded the Certified Green Hotel title on the foundation of these criteria.

Following hotels are certified as a certified green hotel:
ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack

Certified Business Hotel®

This certificate is aligned to the needs of business travellers. With it, business hotels can be recognised and booked at a glance.

VDR created an inspection catalogue with 90 criteria, which guarantee professionalism in furnishings and services. Among the most important criteria are, for instance, mobile phone availability and internet access, proven mattress hygiene, a working area in the room, 24-hour parking space accessibility and invoicing in accordance with the corporate travel policies.

The ATLANTIC Hotel Vegesack is certified as a Certified Business Hotel.