Team ATLANTIC Hotels with GreenSign auditor - certificate for sustainability and resource conservation


News  /  16. January 2023

First GreenSign certified hotels

The ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven and the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven have been focussing on these issues for a long time already and have now become the first hotels in the group to be certified by the GreenSign Institut GmbH. This institute supports optimisation concepts for sustainability in the hotel industry and continuously further develops them in close collaboration with the individual companies.

The multilevel system, which has been successfully applied in more than 350 hotels around the world to date, is one of a kind in the industry. First, the ecological, economic and social aspects of all hotel processes are examined and evaluated in the scope of an audit. This is followed by suggestions for further optimisation, with a total of 5 levels able to be achieved. 

Due to its proximity to the Wadden Sea, listed by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site, the ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven is very committed to environmental protection and has been a national park partner for years now. Just like the ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City, it is also involved in the United Against Waste e.V. Initiative, which aims to avoid food waste. Both hotels offer a “Green Service”, where guests receive vouchers if they choose not to have their rooms cleaned on a daily basis. The offering is complemented by a charge point for electric vehicles and bicycles available to borrow. All these measures contributed to the Level 4 GreenSign certification. 

Other ATLANTIC Hotels are set to follow their good example, as “the beginning is half the whole” also applies where sustainability is concerned. The plan is for all hotels to be certified by the end of 2023.


Team ATLANTIC Hotels with GreenSign auditor - certificate for sustainability and resource conservation

Picture above:

GreenSign Audit ATLANIC Hotel Sail City, Bremerhaven:
on the right track: Michael Stüring, Leiter Zentrale Dienste and Christin Saalbach, Qualitätsmanagerin der ATLANTIC Hotels with Tim Oberdieck, Hoteldirektor ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City and Armin Wolff, Auditor bei GreenSign (v. l. n. r.)

Pictures below:

GreenSign Audit ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven:
Armin Wolff, Auditor GreenSign with Florian Schönwetter, Hoteldirektor ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven, Christin Saalbach, Qualitätsmanagerin der ATLANTIC Hotels, Hilke Kleemann, Sales & Marketing Managerin ATLANTIC Hotel Wilhelmshaven and Marc Rohe, stellvertretender Geschäftsführer & Leiter Projekte und Entwicklung ATLANTIC Hotels Management (left to right)

GreenSign Audit ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde:
Sarah Gehrold, Einkaufsassistentin ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde, Caroline Waibel, Direktionsassistentin ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde, Kay Plesse, Hoteldirektor ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde, Victoria Knauer-Hansen, Auditorin bei GreenSign, Christin Saalbach, Qualitätsmanagerin der ATLANTIC Hotels, Martin Penzin, technischer Leiter ATLANTIC Grand Hotel Travemünde (left to right)