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News  /  05. February 2020


According to the Bremen Youth Study, 4.2 percent of children and adolescent suffer from post-traumatic stress disorders. Despite this alarmingly large number, there is still too little therapeutic help. Traumatization can afflict any child. An accident or a natural disaster, war or terror, violence or abuse – every day, the tender souls of many children and young people are seriously injured. But time does not heal all wounds. Without treatment, young people often suffer from the consequences for the rest of their lives. Anxiety states, problems at school, addiction, self-doubt and even attempted suicide reduce their quality of life and performance. Later, their lives may be marred by unemployment or crime.

The Ankerland initiative, based in Hamburg, aims to alleviate the problem. With an innovative therapy concept, the initiative helps traumatized children to become children with dreams again. Ankerland is thus a beacon project for the whole of Germany: a safe haven for wounded children’s souls. At present, about 60 severely traumatized children and adolescents aged between 2 and 20 years come to therapy once a week for several hours, which is oriented towards their everyday life and also integrates their environment.

This work is only possible thanks to valuable donations such as those from the ATLANTIC Hotel Airport! Thank you very much for your most welcome donation of 500 euro. With your support, you have made ten therapy hours possible for our brave little charges.

Photos: © Ankerland e.V.