Mother and daughter in the "Wattenmeerhaus" in Wilhelmshaven

UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre

Tidal flats as habitat
Where does the sandworm live? What is a red knot and what does it eat? How strong is the wind? Anyone who wants to explore the worldwide unique natural habitat of the Wadden Sea should start their journey in the UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre in Wilhelmshaven.

In the nature exploration centre by the Jadebusen, visitors can find out, by means of discovery stations, how animals and plants become survival artists and adapt to extreme living conditions. In the aquarium landscape, many fish, crabs and other typical North Sea animals can be seen up close! The ornithological warden’s hut which is more than 100 years-old as well as the “storm room” in which you can experience what a hurricane is like, convey an impression of the powerful force of nature and the life of the people here. A special attraction for children is the original crab cutter “Daggi”.

Worldwide unique – plastinated sperm whale organs

The visitor magnet of the 2,000 m² exhibition is the 14 m long skeleton of a sperm whale which was stranded by the island Baltrum in 1994. Unique worldwide is particularly the presentation of the plastinated whale organs: the heart, lungs and blowhole were prepared by Gunther von Hagens (“Body Worlds” exhibition). The suspended sperm whale skeleton and interactive multimedia stations convey a fascinating insight into the life of whales, their history and current whale research: you can, for example, listen to whale songs with which the giants of the sea can communicate with each other across several hundred kilometres. Find out what is on their daily menu which can weigh several tons and why whales get stranded on the tidal flats. In a journey in time spanning more than 50 million years, you can also find out why the prehistoric whales lost their legs. Join the whale on a virtual journey from the North Sea to the Azores – accompanied by acoustic signals.

After the exhibition you can visit the café – with view of the sperm whale, of course!


Nature experiences
In Wilhelmshaven and the surrounding region the tidal flats are particularly varied. Join us on a walk across the seabed or take part in a nature experience such as seal and cutter tours with show fishing.

Changing nature and art special exhibitions, special children’s, family and OAP programmes as well as nature experience events make a trip to the Wadden Sea Visitor Centre a great day out for all generations.


UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Visitor Centre
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