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The cosmopolitan Hanseatic city with its historic centre is familiar to every Germany child thanks to the fairy story of the "Bremen Town Musicians". Even today you can find a fairy-tale quality in the lovingly preserved Schnoor quarter of town or in Böttcherstraße, as well as numerous quality shops in the adjacent shopping streets.

But Bremen is also a commercially accomplished and dynamic port, trading and business metropolis. Moreover, the Hanseatic city is a place of learning and knowledge and simultaneously the cultural centre of an entire region. In other words, a city bursting with life.

The city history goes back more than 1,200 years - and you encounter this history with almost every step you take. In the baroque and Renaissance atmosphere of the "Marktplatz" (Market Square) where you'll find the Town Hall and the statue of Roland, patrician houses and the "Schütting", Bremen's tradition-rich chamber of commerce.

The historic heritage is lovingly preserved and cared for. Böttcherstraße, once an artisans' alley, is now a centre of art and culture and a highlight of European cultural history. Or Schnoor, a picturesque quarter of the old town now renovated and finely decorated to become Bremen's most popular tourist attraction.

The modern centre of industry and commerce takes its place without friction alongside "old Bremen". The European aviation and space flight sector has one of its most important centres here. "Made in Bremen" stands for satellite systems, for central elements of Airbus production and for Bremen's share in the construction of Europe's civil Ariane rocket.

Daimler-Chrysler manufactures Mercedes cars in Bremen and the port facilities are still the city's main global interface. Bremen has Europe's biggest integral container trans-shipment centre and the city is also the leading hub for international motor vehicle import and export. Bremen has now also achieved international status as a trade-fair and conference centre - find out more about the current projects and events here.

Leading German beers and premium-quality coffee come from Bremen. Other manufacturers also contribute to the city's gastronomic delights: fine chocolate products, superior spices, diverse breakfast snacks and seductive fish specialities, to name just a few. Enjoyment is an established principle in Bremen, which is one of Europe's major centres for foods, beverages, etc.

People understand how to enjoy life, here in a city which has more than 1,000 pubs, cafés, restaurants, bistros and bars, and which cultivates the tradition of hospitality: it is a city which lives and lets live in a spirit of freedom, tolerance and liberality - the key to Bremen's relaxed manner and to its special lifestyle.

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Whatever your reason for being here, it's always worth staying a little longer!

Here you can find out more about current events and highlights in the city.
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