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Universum Bremen

In the Universum® Bremen, situated just opposite the ATLANTIC Hotel Universum, you can experience the wonders of science through interactive exhibits in artistically designed activity rooms.

In the spectacular silver building, which looks rather like a whale, and its 4000 m² display area you will discover a fascinating and also playful way to experience the secrets of our universe.

Since 7.7.2007, the 5000 m2 outdoor area called EntdeckerPark (ExplorerPark) has been a sciencescape with lots of things to experience at different points, with landscape elements and the 27-metre Turm der Lüfte (Tower of the Air).

The SchauBox (LookBox), opened in 2007, displays special exhibitions varying each year over an area of 700 m2. The DenkArena (ThinkArena), where exciting performances are held, is also located here. On the ground floor of the rust-red cube are the central foyer, a shop and a restaurant.

More than 250 stations invite you to take a fascinating tour through the themes Mankind, Earth and Cosmos, and turn you into a scientist and explorer.

Expedition Mankind takes you from the moment of conception to the world of senses and the human spirit.

On your journey you will travel through the following "theme countries":

The Beginning of Life
The World in our Heads
The Connection to the World
Time of Mankind

Expedition Earth is a journey from the centre of the Earth through the various layers of our planet and to the airy heights of the atmosphere.

On your journey you will travel through the following "theme countries":

The Origin of a Planet
The Centre of the Earth
On the Surface
The Outer Shell
Time of the Earth

Expedition Cosmos begins in the depths of space and takes you to smallest components of matter.

On your journey you will travel through the following "theme countries":

The Beginning of Everything
The Vastness of Space
The Light of the Sun
The Forces of the Earth
The World of the Smallest Things
Time of the Cosmos

With the Universum® Bremen, Bremen has shown pioneering spirit. For the first time in Germany, the general public can experience the world of science and research in such an entertaining and accessible manner.

The architect, Thomas Klumpp, explains the fascination of this building and his concept: "Life is not right-angled, not straight, not characterised by orthogonal geometry. Life is organic, soft, flowing, curved and irregularly shaped. That's why the Universum® Bremen is organically formed, dynamically oriented and developed in a mysterious, ambiguous way. It makes you curious about the content."

And you can discover and experience all this for yourself just a few steps away from our hotel. Look forward to special "inspiration" for new ideas.

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