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smile training

“Our trainees are our future! Every single person in the company is important and, in fact, indispensable for the success of the hotel.”
The declared aim of the hotel management is, by strengthening the core competencies of young career entrants, to considerably increase their chances of being offered a job when they have completed their period of training. “Invigorated personalities make the entire enterprise stronger and more attractive,” is how Hotel Manager Tim Oberdieck explains his decision to take part in the smile training.          
The apprentices then not only make a valuable contribution to the everyday work procedures, but are also ready to accept professional responsibility on completing their training. Just what competencies are needed, and how one can support these young people throughout this important phase of their lives? The necessary knowledge and skills are conveyed by the company PiA3 (Personality in Action) in a sophisticated training programme. v   

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