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United Against Waste

“The ATLANTIC Hotels actively support the initiative against the wastage of food – another step in preserving the environment. Please do your bit as well!”

In 2012, the United Against Waste association kicked off an initiative for the food service market, with the aim of raising the awareness of chefs and the catering industry, and showing them that fighting food waste is not only feasible but saves money too.

The initiators put together a concrete service package giving chefs targeted information to help make the topic of foodstuff waste more accessible for all those concerned with everyday kitchen work. Analysis tables and spreadsheets facilitate the project’s implementation within the food service companies and boost the level of motivation. At the same time, active communications work ensures that the challenge of waste avoidance and the squandering of foodstuffs is kept in the public’s awareness.
By addressing a current and fairly controversial topic of discussion within the food industry, United Against Waste presents possible solutions, with the aim of sensitizing all participants towards a caring and respectful handling of our foodstuffs.

In the future, we would like to keep you up-to-date here about specific measures and successes. Stay tuned for more news!

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