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Sweet rain – honey from the hotel roof

“Honey from the hotel roof? Sometimes, we venture along unusual paths in the cause of sustainability.”

Sail City Honey is the name of the latest sweet speciality from Bremerhaven. In May 2014, 180,000 little workers found a temporary home on the roof of the Conference Centre at the ATLANTIC Hotel SAIL City. Beekeeper Andreas Bredehorn (28) (on the left) from Geestemünde has called a sustainable regional project into being: Sail City Honey. Even the beehives for his colonies are manufactured for him locally in Bremerhaven. More colonies are to follow and find a place later on the Mediterraneo and the Klimahaus. Chef Dominik Flattner (on the right), also a honey aficionado, is delighted because he would like to share this delicious product of Nature with our guests.

By now, it is widely known that bees make an invaluable contribution to the preservation and yield of many types of fruit and also field crops. But bees right in the city centre – that seems rather unusual. “Surprisingly enough, it makes sense, because the bees really thrive in the urban environment,” as city beekeeper Bredehorn explains. “In parks, gardens and green spaces, they find a much greater abundance of nourishment than in the countryside, where monocultures like maize or rapeseed predominate.” This diversity can be tasted in the honey.

Our bees have been very busy – we are proud of the first harvest of honey! Take a tasty and all-natural souvenir home with you: our SAIL City Honey is available for EUR 5.90 at reception.





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