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1,200 years of tradition and a cosmopolitan outlook have shaped Bremen, the Hanseatic city on the Weser river. Famous and distinctive landmarks include the splendid Town Hall in the Weser Renaissance style and the venerable figure of Roland, a statue on the historic market square (both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites). Schnoor, Bremen's oldest quarter, and the exceptional architecture of Boettcherstrasse, a road steeped in tradition, transport the visitor into a distant past. And of course there are also the famous Town Musicians of Bremen (the “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” statue) from a Brothers Grimm folk tale that have become popular figures throughout the world.

Town Hall (150 m)
The Town Hall was built between 1405 and 1410 and was provided in the 17th Century with a façade in the Weser Renaissance style. It is one of Germany's most beautiful town halls and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Bremen Roland (150 m)
Bremen's “Statue of Liberty” – a symbol of justice and freedom that has been situated here since 1404. Largest Roland statue in Germany. UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Town Musicians of Bremen (150 m)
On the west side of the Town Hall is the most famous portrayal of the Town Musicians of Bremen (“Bremer Stadtmusikanten”), a bronze statue created by the artist Gerhard Marcks in 1951.

St. Petri Cathedral (200 m)
Lutheran church with over 1,200 years of history. Early Gothic character from the first half of the 13th Century. The oldest parts are the crypts.

The Church of Our Dear Lady
(200 m)
Since the 11th Century, Bremen's oldest parish church, it was “Church of the Council” up to the 19th Century and has a crypt with a mural. There is a stained glass window by the painter Manessier.

Boettcherstrasse (directly by the hotel)
A 110 metre long all-embracing art form, built in the 1920s, and comprising shops, restaurants, Bremen's Casino, museums, workshops, and a carillon made from 30 porcelain bells from Meißen.

Church of St. Martini (opposite the hotel)
Founded in 1229, a Gothic brick building with a Baroque organ case, carved pulpit, and stained glass windows with biblical depictions. The carillon plays “Lobe den Herren”.

Schnoor quarter (200 m)
The row of little houses from the 15th and 16th Centuries in Bremen's oldest quarter are huddled together like a string of beads.

Muehle am Wall (600 m)
Situated at the ramparts is a more than 100 year old mill that is open to visitors.

Schlachte promenade on the Weser river (opposite the hotel)
A wide variety of restaurants with beer gardens and summer gardens. Antique, jumble and quay markets, boat trips, and the fascination of Schlachte. You can go on a stroll, take in the atmosphere, and enjoy.

Buergerpark (2 km)
One of the best preserved landscaped parks in Germany. Together with the adjacent city forest, it covers an area of 202 ha.

Rhododendron Park (7 km)
The 46 ha park has approx. 550 species and 2,500 varieties of rhododendron as well as the “green treasure vault of Bremen” – the Botanical Garden.

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