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Always on the move! This basic principle for a successful economy is literally true in the Hanseatic city of Bremen. And above all it applies to the Airport-City industrial park right at Bremen Airport.

Mobility on land, in the air and even in space – Bremen is always part of it. With service providers and companies behind well-known brands and industrial products which have settled here in Airport City just a short distance from Bremen's city centre, and with excellent transport links.

The airport dates back to 1913, when the Bremen Senate gave the Bremen Aviation Association official permission to operate an airfield. At that time flying was an adventure and the aeroplane could hardly be described as a reliable means of transport.

But nowadays modern aviation has become an integral part of our lives. It makes a significant contribution to our personal mobility and is a driving force of our economy.

Today, Bremen Airport is a major logistic hub and an important trans-shipment point for goods from all over the world. A freight volume of over 25,000 tons passes through the airport every year, and this figure continues to rise. The other facts and figures are equally impressive: over 40,000 landings and take-offs and almost 2 million passengers per year underline the growing importance of Bremen Airport as air-traffic junction of northern Germany.

And in the midst of all this activity is the ATLANTIC Hotel Airport Bremen - your hotel "with its own airport".
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